Revealing Idolatry in the Hebrew Roots Movement

Something to think about folks!!

Boldly Proclaiming Christ

idolatryhrmovementIf you’ve ever been to a Jewish liturgical service, or if you practice this type of service at your own congregation, then you are familiar with the parading of the Torah scroll. A leader of the congregation will carry the scroll throughout the audience, and when it gets to you, you are supposed to kiss it, or kiss your tzitziyot and touch it to the scroll.

On the surface this seems all well and good; after all, the scroll does contain the Word of Yah. But here are some things that I noticed….

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Prayers Please

AmenHi All,  We hope to join you all in the studies again soon! We have been busy with my Mom this past week.  We would greatly appreciate prayers on her behalf…and ours!!  My Mom has been having memory issues for a while now.  We are not sure if it is Alzheimer’s related or some type of dementia.  She is delusional at times.  It is a very sad situation. She is such a precious, loving, Yah fearing child of the living Elohim.  I am sure many of you have experienced the same with loved ones.  We are at a loss as to how to truly help her and are praying for the Father’s wisdom and guidance.  Please join us in prayer for the Father to bless her with peace of mind, clarity and emotional healing.  Please also pray with us for the Father to bless Dennis and I with wisdom and endurance for the road ahead.  Thanks to each of you!!!  Many blessings to you ALL!!